Kahying is a photographer based in Singapore.
Born and raised in Malaysia, she started doing conceptual self-portraits at the age of 16 to express thoughts that she could not put into words. Soon, she got her first professional camera and never stopped photographing.
Being fascinated by the contour of women's silhouette and human's emotion, people naturally became her favourite subject to photograph. On 2014, Kahying graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts - Diploma in Fashion (major in Fashion Communication).
Kahying's approach and style in photography has changed in time, for someone who used to like creating the perfectly shot and edited images, she now appreciates the honesty in photographs - trying to keep the scenes as real and honest as possible. She is open for all kinds of opportunities as she believes in helping other creatives to bring out the best of their work.
For enquiries, please email kahying93@gmail.com
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